Soteria Alternative - Investment in overseas assets made easy

Soteria Alternative - Investment in overseas assets made easy

For most people, investing overseas is a simple and straightforward exercise, whereas for others it is made difficult by exchange controls or rules regarding overseas money transfers. Some Governments have made it more difficult for their nationals to transfer funds overseas for investment purposes, and by doing so, have indirectly restricted them from investing as they would like to.

How does Soteria Alternative work?

By utilising Soteria Alternative, you can ‘substitute’ a pre-agreed amount of a base currency deposit and realise its equivalent value in an alternative currency. The ‘equivalent’ value, which can be received in GBP or USD, will be held on your behalf in a secure Trustee account outside of your home country. This substitution is achieved without the base currency deposits ever leaving your home country and therefore without any traditional overseas exchange mechanisms being used.

Soteria Alternative Guide

Find more information on:

  • How does the currency substitution works
  • Trustee and Administrator 
  • Key Features of Soteria Alternative
  • Real life case study 
  • Fees & Charges


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