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What is Soteria HK Pension Plan

Soteria HK Pension Plan is a trust-based pension plan which has been established under the domestic pension legislation of Hong Kong. It is recognised by Revenue Authorities as an Occupational Retirement Scheme, allowing its members to enjoy tax savings in the form of double taxation agreements, deferral of Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax and Inheritance Tax.

The Soteria HK Pension Plan offers its members open architecture and comes with Trustee-approved risk-graded portfolios managed by a leading UK multi-fund manager.

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Benefits of a Trust Pension Plan

The Soteria HK Pension Plan has been established to provide globally mobile employees with income in retirement. It offers members open architecture and comes with Trustee-approved risk graded portfolios managed by a leading UK multi-fund manager. The Trust ensures that the pension assets (your contributions) are kept separate from those of the employer and members, and can be exempted from international taxes.

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Who will make most of
the Soteria HK Pension Plan?

Everyone, be it employed or even self-employed, who is interested in tax-efficient retirement planning will benefit when utilising the Soteira HK Pension Plan. Open to all nationalities, the Soteria HK Pension Plan is truly a global retirement solution. Established and administered from Hong Kong, it has an added advantage of 42 Double Taxation Agreements, which provide tax freedom on Hong Kong-sourced pension income.

Double Taxation Agreements
with Hong Kong means savings

DTA's are significant treaties for people planning to retire, especially for expats in Hong Kong. Hong Kong currently has agreed to DTA’s with 42 countries. They set out the rules by which individual residents' income in one country will be taxed in another and extend to salaries and the income derived from self-employment, pension, and other income. DTA’s state that there is no double taxation on your salary and pension income between Hong Kong and any of the 42 countries that Hong Kong has a treaty with.

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