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Options for all nationalities, in any occupation, wherever you choose to work


What Soteria Retirement Plans offer

Soteria pension plans are designed to help you save money for your retirement, so you can live happily and without financial worries after you retire. Our retirement plans are administered under a traditional Trust arrangement or under the more modern Contract Basis. Both pension types offer favourable tax treatment compared to other forms of retirement savings.

Soteria Retirement Plans offer favourable tax treatment compared to other forms of retirement savings

Are Soteria Retirement Plans for you?

Our retirement plans are designed around the ever-changing retirement needs of international clients and provide the following features and benefits:

  • Available to all nationalities
  • Employed and Self Employed
  • The plans are administered either by an independent Trustee who holds assets on your behalf, or
  • A UK LLP with you as a decision maker overseeing the administration of pension assets
  • Tax-free growth on assets held within the plan
  • Regular premium & lump-sum contribution options
  • Open architecture with a wide range of assets classes, including property allowed
  • Capital gains tax deferral
  • No inheritance tax on death
  • 100% creditor protection
  • Recognition in civil law countries

Retirement Planning for Expats

Soteria retirement plans are available to all nationalities and are located in a number of different jurisdictions, such as Hong Kong & Guernsey.

Contact Soteria Trusts for an initial consultation to see if our Retirement Plans are the right fit for you.

There are certain factors that will help you (and our advisors) to determine the most appropriate jurisdiction to grow your retirement fund, these are:

  • Your nationality
  • Your current residency status
  • Your intended residency status
  • If you are going to contribute existing assets or cash to buy new ones
  • Your ideal retirement age



This simplified calculator is intended to give an indication of two retirement factors:

  1. The size of pension fund required to enjoy your chosen standard of living at retirement
  2. The amount you will need to save on an annual basis to reach your retirement goals.

To generate a shortfall retirement fund of £     in XX years

you need to save £     a year to reach your retirement fund goal in today's terms* 

*All examples in Soteria Trusts Retirement Calculator are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes only. This illustration is based on today's monetary terms and does not assume any inflation or investment growth.

This calculator is designed to give you an approximate retirement shortfall and an indication of what you are required to save each year to meet your goals. Accordingly, the results are not intended to provide financial advice. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the results or their applicability to your individual circumstances.

Contact Soteria Trusts advisors to help you reach your retirement goals. 

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QNUPS - Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme Solution

All of the Soteria Pension Schemes meet the criteria of being a QNUPS (Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme) as stated by Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC). They operate from multiple jurisdictions and are of benefit to anyone with UK-sited assets, such as property, investments, art, jewellery, stocks, cash, wines. Besides providing you with retirement income, the QNUPS also makes provision for your loved ones by being tax-efficient. The tax efficiency is achieved because of the IHT initiatives granted by HMRC.

Learn more about the role of QNUPS in IHT Planning from our

Free IHT Planning Guide

Selecting the most appropriate retirement option is a complex matter and may vary over time as circumstances change. It is therefore important to take specialist advice when planning your retirement.

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