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Unsure how to manage your pension scheme?

Options for all nationalities, in any occupation,
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What our Schemes Offer


Tax Freedom



Value for Money


Our pension schemes are designed around the ever changing retirement needs of our international Members and provide

  • Membership to all Nationalities
  • An independent Trustee who holds assets on your behalf
  • Assets held on a non-vested basis
  • Tax Free growth on assets held within the trust
  • Regular Premium & Lump Sum Contribution Options
  • No Income Tax on Pension Distributions
  • Capital Gains Tax Deferral
  • No Inheritance Tax on Death
  • Multi-Generation Legacy Planning
  • No Forced Heirship
  • 100% Creditor Protection
  • Recognition in Civil Law Countries

Which factors should I consider?

The scheme most appropriate to you is determined by a number of things:

  • Your current residency status
  • Your previous residency status
  • Your Employment Relationship with the scheme sponsor or participating employers
  • If you are transferring benefits from an overseas scheme
  • If you making voluntary contributions from income

Pension Security

There are two Soteria Pension Schemes, both of which can be viewed on Hong Kong Pension registrar’s scheme register and operate under the Occupational Retirement Schemes Ordinance (ORSO – Chapter 426, Laws on Hong Kong) all members of ORSO schemes are required to have an employment relationship with either the scheme sponsor or a participating employer.

Soteria Pension Scheme (SP)

  • A registered ORSO Scheme
  • Approved by UK HMRC under (Q)ROPS legislation
  • Recognised under the OECD Model Convention

Soteria Worldwide Pension Plan (SWW)

  • An exempted ORSO Scheme
  • Recognised under the OECD Model Convention

Additional Benefits

  • No Minimum Investment Term
  • No Surrender Penalties
  • No Regulatory Retirement Age (SWW)
  • No Regulatory Investment Restrictions (SWW)
  • Full Portability
  • 42 DTA’s that Hong Kong has in place
  • No Income Tax in HK
  • Open Architecture
  • Low Running Costs and much, much more

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Why Use a Hong Kong Trust?

Hong Kong is the world’s third largest financial services centre after London and New York. It has played a key role in helping China integrate with the global free market economy and today Hong Kong is a Special Administration Region (SAR) of China. However Hong Kong law is based on a British Common Law structure and its courts rigorously apply the Rule of Law. Hong Kong’s Trust Laws are amongst the most modern in the World.

Hong Kong is not a Tax Haven, it is well regulated and is engaged in promoting sound financial practices through its membership of global bodies. It contributes to the development of global pension standards through its chair of the International Organisation of Pension Supervisors Technical Committee.

In addition Hong Kong is listed as the freest economy in the world, with no Inheritance Tax and no Capital Gains Tax on pension growth, or Income Tax on pension distribution. It also has Double Taxation agreements, with 42 countries which makes it an extremely attractive and tax efficient place to grow and hold retirement funds

Advantages of Hong Kong

No Income Tax on Pension Distributions

No Capital Gains Tax

No Inheritance Tax

No Dividends Tax

No Tax on Interest Deposits

Common Law Jurisdiction

Highly Regulated

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