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Modern and globally mobile individuals need to plan for many different eventualities. The Soteria Flexi Builder Account offers everybody the opportunity to do so in a cost and tax efficient manner. Subject to your country of residence, this account can provide tax freedom on capital growth and tax freedom to your beneficiaries on death. It is a truly International Account made available to individuals, partners and corporations, at the discretion of the Trustee.

The Flexi Builder Account is a Master Trust arrangement, administered by ILS World and made available via the Gravitas Finance LLC investment platform. The ILS World Group was established in 1991 and today administers structures with assets in excess of $250 Billion. Their quest for excellence, on top of the high standards set by their regulators, starts at Head Office in the Isle of Man, and is a common theme throughout their other offices in UK, BVI and Hong Kong.

The Soteria Flexi Builder Account can be funded by a combination of regular and lump sum contributions to suit your budget and future requirements. The account was designed with simplicity, flexibility and liquidity in mind, allowing you to select from twelve Trustee approved managed investment strategies. The twelve portfolios are continuously managed in compliance with a range of pre-agreed risk mandates and measured against a relative benchmark. Each portfolio is made up of low cost, highly liquid, assets which makes them nimble and versatile when it comes to switching. We at Soteria acknowledge that personal circumstances can often change which is why the account allows access of up to 80%* of its value without penalty. All of these benefits come with the added security and peace of mind that a Hong Kong regulated Trustee, working in conjunction with a proven US regulated Investment Manager, brings to account holders.

* The amount available for withdrawal is up to 80% of contributions made after the Qualifying Period or 40% of account value (excluding the Transaction Account) whichever is the higher.


We suggest that you read the brochure carefully. Be sure to read about all of the features and benefits, as well as the ‘Investment Risk’ section on page 10 of the brochure, in conjunction with the Key Facts & Features document, before proceeding to open an account. We also recommend that you speak with an independent financial adviser before making any investment decisions.

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