Month: January 2022

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Transferring property QNUPS

Transferring / Purchasing Residential Property in QNUPS Pension

If you are reading this, it probably means you already know what a QNUPS is. You may also know that its uniqueness lies in the ability to hold residential investment properties within the pension, where they will grow free of capital gains tax. However, transferring an existing property into, or purchasing a new property from…
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Selling property held in QNUPS

There are many advantages to putting an investment into QNUPS, one of which is to have the option to also transfer their investment property to the pension, but what happens once you’ve done that? Is it possible to easily sell the property, are there any restrictions, or do I have to wait until a certain…
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Tax considerations for Hong Kongers moving to the UK or buying UK property

Hong Kong citizens who are considering relocating or investing in the UK property market should ensure they have a thorough understanding of the UK tax system, and they should be proactive about tax planning prior to arrival or purchase. Those with a BNO visa, too, will be subject to the UK’s global tax system, which…
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