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Transferring property QNUPS

Transferring / Purchasing Residential Property in QNUPS Pension

If you are reading this, it probably means you already know what a QNUPS is. You may also know that its uniqueness lies in the ability to hold residential investment properties within the pension, where they will grow free of capital gains tax. However, transferring an existing property into, or purchasing a new property from…
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What is the difference between Pension Trusts and Contract Pensions?

The short answer to “What is the difference between pension trusts and contract-based pensions” is that a Trust Pension is established by a settlor, and the assets within are set up in trust, whereas a Contract Pension involves an individual contract between an employee, or an individual and a pension provider. In both cases, the…
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Are Trusts Safe?

Often, we hear our clients asking: Are Trusts safe? How can I ensure that the assets within the Trust remain under my control? When you settle some of your valuable assets into a Trust, you are actually handing over the legal title, or ownership, to the trustees. These days trusts are set up and administered…
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Benefits of Trust

Benefits Of Setting Up A Trust

Many expats shrug off the idea of using Trusts because they feel they are complex or just for the benefit of the very wealthy. Most people are actually oblivious to the real reason why trusts are widely used by wise expats to structure and efficiently hold their valuable assets. Here, we will look closely at…
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Advantages of setting up a trust account in Hong Kong

A trust is a safe, some say impenetrable structure, that provides a secure platform to house your investments. It offers the assets placed within protection against all manner of eventualities, especially if you establish your trust in Hong Kong. ‘Asia’s World City’ is a highly regulated jurisdiction and has a favourable taxation regime, making Hong…
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A Trust is a mechanism whereby one person (the ‘settlor’) may give away the enjoyment of assets to a group of individuals (the ‘beneficiaries’), while control and decisions on the administration and investment of those assets lie with others (the ‘Trustees’). The Settlor is the person who provides the assets of the trust. Unless he…
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