Month: March 2022

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Frozen tax allowances and its impact on expat investors

The Treasury needs more money to cover the additional costs of the coronavirus pandemic – and it is going to do it by… raising taxes and freezing current tax allowances. These changes, which cover a range of consumer and personal taxes, will undoubtedly impact local and expat investors and those saving for their retirement the…
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Stamp Duty Land Tax Second Home

Stamp Duty Land Tax on the Second Home

If you’re purchasing a buy-to-let property or a second home in the UK, you’ll need to pay a stamp duty land tax surcharge. The stamp duty land tax (SDLT) surcharge on second homes is an additional 3% on top of the regular residential stamp duty rate you would pay. However, as is usual with taxes,…
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Taxes when selling property UK

Taxes when selling a property in the UK

Taxes associated with UK property ownership are plenty and can be quite complicated. Let’s take for example taxes you need to pay when you are selling your property in the UK. Do you need to pay any taxes, and if yes – which ones? There are two UK property taxes – capital gains tax and…
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