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Tax considerations for Hong Kongers moving to the UK or buying UK property

Hong Kong citizens who are considering relocating or investing in the UK property market should ensure they have a thorough understanding of the UK tax system, and they should be proactive about tax planning prior to arrival or purchase. Those with a BNO visa, too, will be subject to the UK’s global tax system, which…
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UK Pension Mistakes to Avoid

British Expats: Avoid These Pension Mistakes

Many British expats seek guidance when planning a retirement strategy. They do this to avoid making costly UK pension mistakes that can seriously jeopardise their retirement fund. The planning becomes even more complicated when a British expat doesn’t intend to return to the UK, or if their earrings are exceptionally high. These different scenarios require…
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Pension and Inheritance Tax

Are all pensions inheritance tax free?

Most people know that private pensions are highly tax-efficient and are a useful way to save for retirement. Notwithstanding that, the inheritance tax advantages are as much, if not more attractive, given that your pension fund falls outside your estate for IHT purposes. That means pensions can be a great way to pass money on…
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