Soteria Trusts wins Hong Kong Business High Flyers Awards for the 10th year!

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Soteria Trusts wins Hong Kong Business High Flyers Awards for the 10th year!

On January 30, 2024, a prestigious recognition program for innovative enterprises, the HKB High Flyers Awards, announced its winners at a ceremony held at the Hyatt Regency in Hong Kong. Among the most innovative enterprises recognized was Soteria Trusts, a brand of the Business Class Group, which has been nominated and has now won awards for ten consecutive years. 

Soteria Trusts, a brand of the Business Class Group  

The recognition of Soteria Trusts as one of the most innovative enterprises in the Trust & Fiduciary category underscores the organization’s unwavering commitment to excellence and advancement. The Business Class Group’s brand, Soteria Trusts, has consistently demonstrated its dedication to pioneering innovative solutions, thereby setting a high standard in the industry. 

Soteria Trusts helps its clients set up tax-efficient structures and protect their wealth, homes and investments from the maze of the UK taxation system. 

Holding bi-monthly educational seminars, writing and editing multiple guides, a successful blog, and a monthly newsletter, Soteria Insights, the team at Soteria Trusts showcases their dedication to transparency, education and a client-centric approach.  

HKB High Flyers Awards  

The HKB High Flyers Awards celebrates individuals and businesses who have made significant contributions to enhance the region’s capabilities and competitiveness through innovative products and exceptional services. 

Soteria Trust’s achievement in winning the HKB High Flyers Awards is a testament to the organization’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence, its innovative spirit, and its remarkable contributions to the industry over the last decade. The enterprise’s recognition inspires peers in the industry and underscores the significance of innovation in driving progress. 

Read our 2024 profile on the HKB Magazine:  

Soteria Trusts wins HKB High Flyer Awards for the 10th year!


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