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Planning ahead to reduce inheritance tax

How to stay ahead in Inheritance Tax Planning?

With the ever-changing rules surrounding inheritance tax, you may feel confused as to how actually you can prepare for what some people call ‘death tax.’ With news such as the Chancellor’s Rishi Sunak plans to increase inheritance tax to offset the cost of Covid-19 pandemic on the UK’s economy, combined with rising UK house prices,…
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The Estate Planning process

Estate Planning is a long process consisting of many steps for it to be comprehensive and “bullet-proof”. What should such a process look like and when Estate Planning should be performed? Estate Planning mainly focuses on deciding how your estate, such as property, cars, investments, or personal items should be allocated after you die. However,…
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When is the right time to start Estate Planning?

Have you taken the time to consider what will happen to your assets and belongings after you pass away, or if you become incapacitated? This question is crucial to ask and address, despite not being pleasant to think about. With so many things in life being unknown, financial advisers recommend starting estate planning as early…
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Succession Planning: How to have the “Talk” with your family about it

The topic of Succession Planning often requires some careful consideration and balance. Most people have ideas about what they want for the next generations but don’t see why they should plan ahead. Procrastination and the influence of opinions from others are the two biggest reasons used as a reason not to address this, sometimes difficult…
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3 Pillars of Expat Retirement Planning

15th of September is Pension Awareness Day, and so in an attempt to increase that awareness, we turn the spotlight on a subject that we all require at some point in our lives. Soteria Trusts discusses expat retirement planning, and more specifically, looks at the 3 pillars that are considered fundamental to the implementation of…
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Rules around UK Domicile vs Non-Domicile

The UK government has declared that HMRC will be looking very closely at British citizens who ostensibly live abroad. The case of Mr Gaines-Cooper unveiled the fact that HMRC is looking carefully at individuals to see where they have centred their life. In this case, Mr Gaines-Cooper purported to be living in Seychelles and visiting…
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Domicile in IHT Planning

Domicile and IHT Planning

Taxation rules around the worldwide assets of expatriates can be sometimes confusing. Being unaware of the tax implications relating to your domicile status, especially as a UK national and as a foreign national with UK-sited assets, can cost you high tax rates. Not acting on that, can lead to your family or beneficiaries suddenly having…
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Why are residence and domicile important?

Your tax residence status and domicile status affect the extent to which you are liable to tax. There is a difference between your country of domicile and your residence, especially if you are an expat. Many expats go through life not knowing what domicile is, or they assume that they are domiciled in the place…
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What is a Retirement Annuity Contract (RAC)?

A Retirement Annuity Contract (RAC) is a type of defined contribution pension scheme, used as a method of saving money which will then be used to provide you with income in retirement. In return for your contribution or investment amount, you can take income in the form of regular payments from the contract or you…
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What is the difference between Pension Trusts and Contract Pensions?

The short answer to “What is the difference between pension trusts and contract-based pensions” is that a Trust Pension is established by a settlor, and the assets within are set up in trust, whereas a Contract Pension involves an individual contract between an employee, or an individual and a pension provider. In both cases, the…
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