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Advantages of setting up a trust account in Hong Kong

A trust is a safe, some say impenetrable structure, that provides a secure platform to house your investments. It offers the assets placed within protection against all manner of eventualities, especially if you establish your trust in Hong Kong. ‘Asia’s World City’ is a highly regulated jurisdiction and has a favourable taxation regime, making Hong…
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Inherit without paying tax in the UK

How much can you inherit without paying tax in the UK?

The rules around UK inheritance tax, who pays it, how much they pay and when it is paid, is an intricate and sometimes confusing subject. When your loved ones pass away, they intend that their accumulated wealth goes to you. The UK IHT regime is such that the estate of a deceased person is assessed…
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A Trust is a mechanism whereby one person (the ‘settlor’) may give away the enjoyment of assets to a group of individuals (the ‘beneficiaries’), while control and decisions on the administration and investment of those assets lie with others (the ‘Trustees’). The Settlor is the person who provides the assets of the trust. Unless he…
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